Rainworks are messages that are created using stencils and a water repellant spray so they show up only when wet (ie. in the rain). 

This project in Charlottetown is intended to inspire people who come across these messages to think, smile, be kind, and look on the bright side. On dreary days we can all use a little pick me up and we hope that the rainworks around our Inspired City will do just that. 

Next time it rains if you'd like to check out one or all of the rainworks the following messages can be found at these locations: 


1) 'Wait for the rainbow' - located at the corner of Kent and Queen st. at the crosswalk in front of the post-office facing City hall. 


2) 'Pay it forward' - located at the corner of Grafton and Queen st. at the crosswalk in front of CIBC facing Cows.


3) 'Think (outside the box)'- located on Queen st. on the sidewalk in front of the library.


4) Water is life' - located on the corner of Great George and Fitzroy at the crosswalk in front of the 105.5 fishbowl facing the Olde Triangle. 


5) 'Kindness Grows' - located on the path between Province House and the George Coles building in front of a large tree. 


6) 'You can go your own way' - located on the UPEI campus next to the Duffy lecture theatre in front of a bike rack. 


7) 'Find your silver lining' - located at the Charlottetown mall bus stop in front of bench.