Sustainable Business Certification Program

As a way to promote and encourage sustainability in the workplace, the City of Charlottetown has created a Certified Sustainable Business program.

This program is open to all Charlottetown businesses to participate on a voluntary basis. It is comprised of a checklist of sustainable practices that are reasonably attainable and worth striving for. If a business meets the required number of checklist items/points to be deemed a Charlottetown certified ‘Sustainable Business’ they will receive a framed certificate and a window/door decal marking their status to display in the workplace for employees and patrons to see.

“The launch of this new program showcases our commitment to make Charlottetown a more sustainable community,” said Mayor Clifford Lee. “Staff are currently working with businesses to pilot the program and refine the certification process. We encourage businesses to sign up now as staff will soon begin processing applications and conducting site visits.”

The Sustainable Business Certification will show patrons and potential employees alike that local businesses have a sense of social and environmental responsibility. Studies have shown that businesses who make an effort to be sustainable and community minded attract high quality job applicants and that customers prefer to spend their money in these types of establishments.

“The sustainability department has done an excellent job in the development of this program. They have made the certification reasonable to attain, while also providing an opportunity for business owners to see they ways they can increase the sustainability of their operations,” said Deputy Mayor Mike Duffy, chair of Environment and Sustainability Committee. “Many businesses will find a benefit from participating in this program – from those that are already meeting a lot of sustainability objectives to those that may be newer to the discussion but want to undergo positive changes in their business.

The checklist for this program provides a great guideline of the requirements and suggestions in multiple categories.  Part of the certification process includes a site visit with the Sustainability Outreach Coordinator, the Energy Efficiency Coordinator, a water conservation expert, and a staff member from IWMC.

Each month a spotlight will be placed on one of Charlottetown’s Sustainable Businesses and they will be featured on the City’s social media accounts, website, and in printed media with an additional description of what makes this particular business a star in sustainability. The objective of these features is to share best practices among Charlottetown businesses and to recognize the effort that businesses have made in their operations and in their community.  

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