Park(ing) Day

The City of Charlottetown took part in global Park(ing) Day this year! What is park(ing) day you ask? It is a global urban itiniative aimed at challenging conventional views on urban public space by occupying metered parking spaces and turning them into something else for the day. This initiative also encourages sustainable transportation options as it shows the potential for these spaces that are currently used only to park cars. 

The City of Charlottetown turned two metered parking spaces on Kent st. alongside City Hall into a whimsical greenspace on September 16th from 10AM-4PM. Our park consisted of trees (donated by the Fox Club Society), flower barrels, park benches, bean bag chairs, a tiny lending library (donated by Reading Town PEI), snacks and refreshments, sidewalk chalk, ring toss, and a basketball net and much more. We also had a Tarot Card reader offering 3-card readings and a Registered Massage Therapist offering 5 minute massages. 

This was a great opportunity for community engagement in City sustainability initiatives and a way to give back and allow people to stumble upon something wonderful in Charlottetown.

Thanks for everyone who visited the park!

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