Sustainability Workshop Series

Sustainability Workshop Series

The City of Charlottetown is organizing a series of workshops to provide Charlottetown residents the opportunity to learn new ways to practice sustainability. Our society is on its way to a more sustainable future and we feel that education is a necessary catalyst for change. These workshops are about coming together with community members to share knowledge on simple ways to start making adjustments in our lifestyle to minimize our impact on the environment, discover new ways to appreciate the natural world around us, and why the time is now to start making these changes.  With the help of sustainability experts in the community we will be delivering these workshops at various Charlottetown locations over the month of October 2016.

Each of the workshops have been developed with audience engagement, practicality, and connectivity in mind. We want participants to feel that they gained knowledge and skills and also were able to share their own ideas, and concerns surrounding sustainability in Charlottetown. Workshops are completely free and pre-registration is required.

Workshop Topics

·      Energy Efficiency in the Home

When: October 6th, 2016 7-8:30PM
Where: West Royalty Community Center  

This workshop is being delivered by the City’s Energy Efficiency Cordinator, Nic Cahill, and Mike Proud from Efficiency PEI. Fossil fuel emissions are the main contributor to climate change and environmental degradation. Sustainable use of these resources is absolutely necessary to slow down the effects of climate change and that starts in each of our homes. This workshop will cover the different ways you can save energy and money in your home by making adjustments (big or small) to your current system.

·      Climate Change 101

When: October 12th, 2016 7-8:30PM
Where: MerchantmanP Pub- Next Door Lounge 

A graduate student from the UPEI Climate Lab will deliver this crash course on climate change. We so often hear about climate change and buzz words associated with this phenomenon in the news but don’t fully understand what they mean or how it relates to us here in Charlottetown. This presentation and discussion will give you a better understanding of climate change, how it is currently and will continue to impact Islanders, and what kinds of research is being done at UPEI relating to this issue

·      Nature in the City

When: October 15th, 2016 1-3PM
Where: Victoria Park 

The Fox Club Society will take you into the heart of the City’s wilderness on a hike through Victoria Park. They will discuss the importance of spending time in nature for our mental health and development and identify what’s wild in the City by leading an informative group walk through the City’s nature trails.

The Natural Home and Body

When: October 15th, 2016 9-12AM
Where: Health Within 

The harsh chemicals that we often use to clean our home are not only dangerous for our health but also often unnecessary. Their production and disposal can be harmful to the environment and there are cheaper, safer natural alternative that work just as effectively. Participants of this workshop will make their own natural cleaning products to take home and start using immediately as an alternative to harsher products.

In our society using a plethora of body products on a daily basis is the norm. We often trust that the contents of these products that we use on ourselves and our children are stringently tested and approved to be safe by the appropriate governing body but unfortunately this industry is largely unregulated. This workshop will teach participants things to consider when choosing body care products and discuss DIY alternatives.

Jennifer Gallant is a Holistic Practitioner who has been sharing her passion and knowledge on this topic for years and she will be delivering these workshops.

·      The Conscious Consumer

When: October 16th, 2016 10-1PM
Where: The Charlottetown Farmers Market

Profit driven Industry and unsustainable consumer practices are a serious concern in our society. This workshop will discuss ways that you can be a conscious consumer and contribute to the solution rather than the problem. Sustainability expert, Laure DeGrace, will discuss the way we shop, what we buy, and all the ways we can be an eco-conscious consumer.

UPEI Director of Environmental Studies Carolyn Peach Brown will provide a presentation on Green Washing which is a marketing tactic that targets people who are trying to make eco-conscious purchases by appearing ‘green’ when in reality the product and company can’t back up the claims they make or imply.

Bernie Plourd, manager of the PEI farmer’s market is going to lead a discussion on the important social and environmental impacts of choosing to buy local.

This workshop will include a local lunch prepared by a farmer’s market vendor. Come hungry to learn and eat some delicious local food.

Reduce, Reuce, Recycle: Revamped

When: October 29th, 2016 10-12PM
Where: The Farm Center 

In Charlottetown when it comes to proper sorting of waste, we have it easy, but as users of the IWMC program there is room for improvement. This workshop is going to discuss the importance of reducing the amount of waste that we produce, the lifecycle of our garbage and why improper sorting has a greater impact than we think, and clarify any confusion of different categories of garbage and what to do if you’re just not sure.

Phil Ferraro at the Farm Center is going to lead a workshop on DIY backyard composting. Starting a backyard composter is a good way to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill and make your own nutrient rich compost for your garden. We will be giving away a few backyard composters for attendees of this workshop.